Professional Interviewing

Interviews are conducted by a seasoned investigator with formal training in interviews and interrogations and years of experience.


Professional interviews are structured to satisfy your requirements in a variety of ways and dependent on relevant factors.  Subject matter may range from the most sensitive and confidential topics to the everyday and ordinary. 


Interviews are conducted by a seasoned investigator with formal training in interviews and


interrogations and years of experience. Also holding a degree in psychology, the investigator is skilled at conducting interviews where there is a need for sensitivity from a multicultural, mental health, or developmental perspective. Furthermore, the investigator’s knowledge of cognitive biases, Eye Accessing Cues within Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Kinesics (nonverbal communication) will offer valuable insight into the interviewee’s performance and answers.


Types of interviews may include the following: Informational, Screening, Behavioral, Task oriented (testing), Individual (personal), or Stress interviews.


Interviews may be conducted in a variety of settings.  Comfortable and private office space may be provided in several major North Carolina cities or the interview may take place in the workplace, a public space if privacy can be assured, or in some cases at the interviewee's residence.


Examples: Interviewing a witness for an official statement, conducting a task oriented assessment of a job candidate, screening a potential roommate/tenant, etc.

Applications: May be used by anyone for screening, to gather information, or to assess specifics.  May be used by attorneys or other private investigators as a cost-effective means of obtaining a statement, assessing motive, or gathering other useful information. 

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