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Event Reconstruction

Nothing happens in isolation or without cause and everything has an explanation.


An in-depth investigation, which seeks to provide a thorough and accurate accounting of an event or series of events.  Every incident can be broken down into three phases; things that occurred before, during, and after the event. 

This investigation deeply explores an event in multiple perspectives.  Any given event always consists of preceding events in a causal chain.

Nothing happens in isolation or without cause and everything has an explanation.  Reconstructing an event involves gathering every piece of information possible from every source possible to identify what is known and unknown. 


This data is compiled and analyzed through a scientific process which separates the relevant from irrelevent, direct from indirect, and mitigating from aggravating. In situations where there are unknowns this process can either identify them causally or provide theoretical possibilities, usually with some indication of the probability, of the unknown factors. 


The chronology, or timeline, of events is also analyzed in detail with careful attention placed on preceding factors that may be overlooked if the focus is only on the immediate time around the event and scrutinized to ensure there are no irregularities or gaps in time. It is also important to carefully reconstruct post-event factors as these may have relevance to things such as motive, culpability, or offer insight into unknown factors. 


A thorough report and summary will be submitted upon completion along with all data, evidence, transcripts, and an explanation of the methodology used; excepting where intellectual property rights, privacy concerns, or other factors warrant part or all their withholding.

Examples: Traffic Accident Reconstructions, Work-related Accidents, Physical Security breaches, Assaults/Affrays, Sexual Assault/Harassment, etc.

Applications: May be used by anyone to determine corroboration or contradiction of an existing report; to determine the facts related to an event and/or if further investigation is warranted. May be used by attorneys or other private investigators as a cost-effective means of obtaining a thorough report as a starting point for their own investigations.